Garnet, Hessonite Garnet and Tsavourite
Garnets with hardness 7.5, come as red in the almandine pyrope varieties. In the same family is the Hessonite Garnet which is more yellowish orange in colour. The green garnet is better known as Tsavourite, which is not found in Sri Lanka but available in our stock imported from India.


Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst and Onyx
Quartz with hardness 7, occurs in various colours which include Smoky Quartz, White Quartz and Rose Quartz. The mauve is known as Amethyst. Yellow or golden colour is known as Citrine and the opaque black and green known as Black Onyx and Green Onyx.


Beryl with hardness 7.5 occurs as Aquamarine in various shades of pale blue to sea green. Emerald is a type of beryl imported from India and South Africa available in our stock.


with hardness 8, forms in clear to light blue and Blue Topaz are a favourite in slightly inexpensive gem stones.


Tourmaline with hardness 7 is a very common variety but the Green Tourmaline is rare and expensive.


a stone mined only in Sri Lanka. Itís a yellowish brown in colour and very rare.


Alexandrite and Catís Eye
Both of the Chrysoberyl family with hardness 8.5. Catís Eyeís are also cut similar to Star Sapphires to bring out the Catís Eye effect. Ideal specimens are the honey brown body colour with the ray of milky white colour.

Alexandrite is when the gem occurs in clear condition with traces of chromium in the crystalline formation, it has the characteristics of being green in daylight and reddish in artificial light. If this phenomenon brings forth a 100% change of colour, the stone becomes priceless. Otherwise prices change according to the degree of the change in colour. If there is no colour change it is known simply as a Chrysoberyl. They occur from pale yellow, pale green to brown.


Zircon with hardness 7.5, of good quality occurs in shades of green to red. The fine green variety is rare and more expensive
It must be mentioned that Zircon is a natural stone while Zirconia is a synthetic colourless stone used to imitate the diamond.


Moonstones usually occur as a milky white stone with hardness 6. The best specimens of Blue Moonstones, which are clear Moonstones with a blue sheen are very rare and are found only in Sri Lanka.


is a pale green stone with hardness 6.5. Not found in Sri Lanka but available in our stock.

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