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The story of our family-run jewellery company has unfolded over seven glittering decades. Specialising in handcrafting elegant artisan gold and silver jewellery set with exceptional Sri Lankan gemstones, we ensure each piece is perfectly unique. Quality and intricacy remain at the forefront of our designs, which have been favoured by clients who make up an extraordinary portfolio of heads of state, royalty and celebritites.

Descending from a long line of jewellers, a passion for the craft runs in the family. For centuries the Vishvakula Caste, to which we owe our heritage, created priceless treasures for Sri Lankan kings and queens.

the Story

We take pride in ensuring all the gemstones used in our jewellery are carefully hand-selected by our experienced gemmologists. Exceptional quality sapphires of all hues, aquamarines, amethysts andperidots are among a variety of coloured gemstones found naturally in Sri Lanka’s mines.

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Emblematising timeless elegance, our jewellery is intended to be with you a lifetime. Over the years, we have become renowned for the quality and intricacy of our designs. Many of which are influenced by Sri Lanka’s rich history, and inspired by beautiful motifs from architecture, nature and art.

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Selecting the finest most pure metals - gold and silver – is an integral part of our creation process. Each item is quality marked in accordance with international regulations. The fine jewellery we craft can be custom-made in a metal of your choice.

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We take great care in selecting gems that exude great beauty. Many come from Sri Lanka’s mines, which have been famous for millenia, particularly for the sapphires they hold. The originality of each Hemachandra creation comes in part from the ethereality of the stones we choose.

75 Years of Craftsmanship

Established in 1942 in Kandy, Sri Lanka, we remain a family-run fine jeweller. Hemachandra continues to build on the family legacy begun by our visionary founder, Ananda Cyril Hemachandra, who was an entrepreneur and master goldsmith. From the inception, we have handcrafted exquisite gold and silver jewellery using precious gemstones. This focus on preserving and celebrating the artisan skill of fine jewellery making has been central to every generation of our family enterprise.