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Creating fine jewellery of exceptional quality using precious Sri Lankan gems and expert craftsmanship is intrinsic to our family business.

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Ranging from ruby red and dark brown to pink and orange, Garnets are energising stones, which add vitality to life.  Synonymous with passion, they are believed to inspire love and deepen personal relationships. As warming, protective gems linked to the heart chakra, they are often used to mark 2nd anniversaries.

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A variety of quartz, amethyst’s vibrant wine-purple hue means it has been linked with luxury since ancient times when it was used to adorn royal crowns and insignia. Ranging from pale violet to deep lavender in shade, this majestic 6th anniversary stone is deeply connected to beliefs of abundance and prosperity. Amethyst also has a calming and spiritual quality.

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Closely associated with the element of water, and often described as the colour of ‘seawater’ to which it attributes its name, aquamarine occurs in hues that range from light blue to bluish green. With its cooling properties, this ethereal stone is believed to have the power to bring balance, insight and tranquility.

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White Saphire


Purity and clarity are two mesmerizing qualities of this resplendent sapphire. A colorless sapphire, commonly described as white, it is linked to the higher mind. The stone is believed to have the power to enhance wisdom, as well as open thought channels. White sapphires are also thought to be protective stones.

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Green Sapphire


Occurring in hues that range from pale mint to deep blue-green, the dazzling green sapphire is linked to dreams, protection and good fortune. Also associated with the heart chakra it is believed to inspire loyalty and integrity in the wearer.

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Cat's Eye


Long associated with protection, this mystical stone is believed to have the power to enhance creativity and positivity. Cat’s Eye is found in shades as varied as golden yellow, yellowish brown and green. Chatoyancy - the distinctive narrow band of concentrated light that falls across the surface - is what imbues the gem with such a mesmerising quality.

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The adularescent glow of the moonstone is reminiscent of a full moon shining through lightly parted clouds. Hindu mythology describes the stone as made of solidified moonbeams. Believed to bring good luck, in some cultures the ethereal gem is believed to show the future if held under the light of the moon.

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Believed to inspire passion, joy and confidence this stone has been loved by Rulers and Royalty for centuries. Legend has it; King Solomon gave a Sri Lankan ruby to the Queen of Sheba. In the 13th century, Marco Polo - medieval Italian explorer, described a ruby, “a palm in length and of the thickness of a man’s arm” set in the spire of the Ruwanvelisaya dagoba in Anuradhapura. The ruby is a 15th and 40th anniversary stone.

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Ancient Egyptians called it the ‘Gem of the Sun’, and while the intensity of the olive- green shade can vary, Peridot is one of few gemstones that occur in one colour. The radiance of the gem lends to its association with positivity and balance. Famed for its healing properties, this 16th anniversary stone is believed to enhance compassion, health and peace.

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Blue Sapphire


Sri Lanka is famed for producing the world’s largest and best Blue Sapphires, many of which decorate the crown jewels of monarchies around the world. The quality, lustre, hue of the Ceylon Sapphire is unparalleled. This regal gem is symbolic of luck and wealth; and associated with strength and powerful self-expression, making Blue Sapphires a fitting 5th and 45th anniversary gift.

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Star Sapphire


The mystical star sapphire is believed by many to be a stone of destiny – one that acts as a guiding light and protects its wearer against harm. Ranging from semi- transparent to opaque, they come in a spectrum of colours with green, yellow and orange being the most rare.

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A stone of inspiration and happiness, Tourmaline derives its name from ‘Toramalli’ meaning ‘mixed gems’ in Sinhala. Few other gems can match the Tourmaline’s rainbow of colours. Uniquely, Tourmalines can have colour zones, pink and green for example which is a variety commonly known as ‘Watermelon Tourmaline’. Seen as a balancing, cleansing gem, it is given to mark 8th anniversaries.

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Yellow Sapphire


Long associated with the planet Jupiter, the stunning yellow sapphire stimulates the intellect and fulfilment of ambition. In Sri Lankan culture, the stone’s illustrious qualities are also believed to attract wealth and prosperity.

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Blue Topaz


Linked to the element of air with its sky-blue shades, this ethereal Topaz is a 4th anniversary Gemstone. The stone has calming properties which promote relaxation. Believed to aid clear communication, Topaz is also connected to truth and wisdom. For centuries, many people in the Indian subcontinent have believed that a Topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty, and intelligence.


Our experienced gemmologists select cut stones of the highest lustre and purity, many of which come from the mines of Sri Lanka’s plentiful gem deposits.


Inspired by Sri Lanka’s rich heritage while maintaining the signature Hemachandra style of exquisitely detailed handcrafted pieces, our talented in-house team create exclusive designs.


In the expert hands of some of the country’s finest craftsmen, the stones are set in silver or gold, and metamorphosed into timelessly sophisticated pieces.