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We believe it is our duty to preserve the sustainable art of fine jewellery craftsmanship in Sri Lanka. In doing so, we aim to minimise our impact as a jeweller while positively influencing our community through the preservation of a traditional art form.

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The Craft

Our team are integral to our success. Some come from families who have worked with us for two or three generations. The connection we share with the local community, built on respect and trust, is as important to us as the craft we have pledged to preserve.

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The Source

Fine craftsmanship begins with responsibly sourcing high-quality raw materials. Over the past seven decades we have been sourcing gems and precious metals from trusted partners. The majority of our handpicked gemstones, which include sapphires, tourmalines, aquamarines and amethysts, come from small Sri Lankan mines.

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The Packaging

In every action we strive to remain respectful and concious of our environment, while staying true to our Sri Lankan heritage. In upholding these values we were presented with a unique opportunity to support a local cottage industry. The weaving of palmyrah leaves to create various decorative and houshold items; is a centuries old handicraft, practiced in rural Sri Lanka. We use woven palmyrah pouches (known locally as ‘hambili’) to package your valuable purchases, an entirely natural product.

Tribute to the Craft

The Craft

The skill of our craftsmen is fundamental to our success as a jeweller. We are proud that in many instances two, sometimes three generations of families have chosen to be part of our company. This legacy, in terms of the expertise that is passed down from one generation to another, is one that has a wider impact on the local community.

We are dedicated to ensuring our master craftsmen have stable, fulfilling careers in which their skills are celebrated and valued rather than overlooked, in favour of more efficient and technologically advanced methods of production. High quality jewellery craftsmanship is a dying art in Sri Lanka and one we believe must be protected for future generations to appreciate. By providing lifelong positions we remain committed to the fulfilment of our craftsmen and the protection of this heritage skill.

Handmaking jewellery is a labour of love, requiring great skill and patience. The process is incredibly creative and each craftsman’s personal flair means that every creation is entirely unique.

We believe passionately that this expert skill is one that needs to be celebrated and preserved as part of Sri Lanka’s unique heritage.