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Let us introduce you to our family, the heart and soul of our operation.

Our employee longevity reflects the closeness of our team. The longest-serving members have tested gems, greeted visitors and crafted fine gold jewellery at Hemachandra for almost four decades. Some even worked alongside Ananda Hemachandra, our visionary founder, reflecting their degree of commitment. A strong work ethic, expertise and humility are also what define our talented team. With a firm belief in creating a supportive environment, we strive to enable each individual to reach his or her full creative potential.



Within our team of master craftsmen lies an exceptional level of talent. For many of the jewellers it is an ancestral skill that has been passed down to them by their fathers and grandfathers. Over the decades, this accumulation of experience means their expertise in the intricate processes of gold and silver casting, delicate filigree work and gem setting is unparalleled. Each craftsmen, drive by dedication and passion for the craft, has a unique specialty whether it is setting cluster designs or creating elaborate gem-studded necklaces.